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Specialty Tax Advisors for Businesses & CPAs

Veritax Advisors LLC is a boutique specialty tax firm offering tax advisory services to businesses and tax preparers across the U.S. We’re laser-focused on client satisfaction and are among the most trusted, knowledgeable, and affordable tax consultants in the country.

No one in the industry will work harder to deliver results and exceed expectations. Our name is our motto, and we live by one simple principle—we do what we say we’re going to do! Come see the difference for yourself.

About Us

What We Specialize In

Our team applies real-world experience to projects, and we deliver results that help businesses and individuals take advantage of special tax-saving deductions and credits.

Energy Efficient Tax Incentive

Building owners, architects, and engineers that go green can save green with the 179D tax deduction.

Cost Segregation Study

Real estate investors can increase depreciation deductions, reduce income tax liabilities, and maximize cash flow.

U.S. Export Tax Incentive

Export companies can take advantage of IC-DISC, which provides certain tax incentives for U.S.-based exporters.

R&D Tax Credit

Companies can get a tax credit for developing lighter, faster, more durable, less expensive, more reliable, or more precise products.

Tangible Property Regulations

Property owners can expense some of their building-related expenditures, such as supplies or repairs, to reduce taxable income.

Finding Savings

Tap into our expertise to find out how you, or the clients you serve, can take advantage of these and other tax deductions and credits.

Our Mission at Veritax Advisors LLC

Our name is our motto, and we live by one simple principle—we do what we say we will do!

Your Partner in Taxes

We help CPA firms add revenue without adding more burden to their team.

A Trusted Advisor

We’re honest and open with our clients and everyone we work with.

Specialty Knowledge

Our founder is a CPA with 25+ years of experience in taxes and reducing taxes.

What Our Clients Say

Luca Sartori

We really enjoyed working with Veritax Advisors; they provided us with significant value. We particularly appreciated that they inspected our property to get first-hand evidence of equipment and infrastructure.

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Start by scheduling a meeting for a free consultation. Let’s talk about the specialty tax programs that can equate to significant savings.