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The Great Blog Silence of 2023: A Taxing Tale

A. Chris Ostler, CPA

November 3, 2023

Hello, Veritax fans!

If you've been wondering why our blog has been quieter than a library on a Saturday night, let me spill the beans. Yes, we took a little 'vacation' from posting. But before you imagine us lounging on sunny beaches, sipping piña coladas, let me set the record straight - it was tax extension season, folks!

The Season of Numbers and Nervous Breakdowns

For those blissfully unaware, tax season, and the related extension deadline in the fall, is like being in a reality TV show where the grand prize is not getting audited. It's that magical time of the year when calculators become our best friends, and coffee consumption skyrockets faster than a rocket on the Fourth of July.

Blog? What Blog?

During this period, our blog was like that gym membership you forgot you had. We had every intention of keeping it active, but then life, or more specifically, extension deadlines, happened. Our team was knee-deep in paperwork, reports, and the ever-daunting tax forms.

Our Creative Juices Were More Like Creative Raisins

Let's be honest, trying to be witty and informative while figuring out if your stapler can be written off as a business expense is no easy feat. Our creativity was drier than a humorist at an accountants' convention.

We Missed You More Than Deductions

It wasn't all doom and gloom, though. We missed connecting with you, our readers, more than we missed finding deductions on our tax forms (and trust us, we REALLY missed those).

The Light at the End of the Spreadsheet

But fear not! As the door gently closes on another extension deadline, we're back, rejuvenated (thanks to sleep and a ban on number-crunching), and ready to entertain and enlighten you once more.

What We Learned (Apart from Advanced Excel)

If there's one thing this hiatus taught us, it's that a break, even an unplanned one, can be refreshing. We've returned with new ideas, a newfound appreciation for accountants, and a renewed commitment to bringing you content that's more engaging than reading a tax code.

So, stay tuned for what's to come. We promise it'll be more exciting than a tax refund... well, almost.

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